Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Safaris

Our Hluhluwe Safaris will give you an adrenalin-charged wildlife experience in the Hluhluwe / Imfolozi, a main game park in South Africa. Picture yourself having breakfast with 360 degrees of breathtaking view with the possibility of wild animals grazing only a few metres away. Our bonnet breakfast includes muesli, yogurt, sandwiches, tea/coffee and homemade rusks.

Hluhluwe Safari
Imfolozi Safari

Lunch is a South African braai (barbeque) at one of the many beautiful picnic sites in the park. If we’re lucky, we will see wildlife from our picnic table. Lunch includes rump steak, boerewors (sausage), buns, salads and ‘dessert’ with drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks).

Hluhluwe Safari Tour
Imfolozi Safari Tour

We pick you up at your accommodation before sunrise and drive to Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Park in an open game viewing vehicle (see home page). Our vehicles provide full weather protection. Once in the Hluhluwe / Imfolozi Park, our main focus is to find the lions, leopard, cheetah, wild dogs and hyens which are most active at dawn. After a beautiful African sunrise we’ll have breakfast and the rest of the day is spent looking for other wildlife, both ‘large and small’. Our ‘big 5 hunt’ may include a sighting of the rare Black Rhino, with only an estimated 3000 left in the world. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable about the region’s animals, birds and plant life and will be happy to share this knowledge with you throughout the day.

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The first evidence of human activity was the smelting of iron in the river valleys, with the implements used for hunting and warfare. The wildlife was an important source of protein for Iron Age communities. The Zulu people arrived in the 1800s. They used huge pitfall traps to kill animals and these traps can still be found in the wilderness areas today. Then came the “Great White Hunters”. Hundreds of thousands of animals were slaughtered and in less than 50 years, all the elephants and many other species were decimated.

By 1890 fewer than 100 white rhino were left in the last stronghold on earth. Luckily, in 1895, the area was proclaimed as a game sanctuary, the oldest in Africa. In 1989 the Hluhluwe and Imfolozi Parks were joined together to form the Park as we know it today.

The Park supports a huge variety of life, including some 84 mammal species, more than 350 birds and more than 1200 plants, not to mention numerous reptiles and insects

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