The main reason for the capture of game is for resale to other reserves and not to zoo’s. But when it comes to rare animals like Black Rhinos and Wild Dogs, it is important to move animals which help with the species blood lines. The sale of animals forms a vital source of income to the park.


Game capture started in the early 1960’s when the park started Operation Rhino. Over the years the game capture team has advanced its methods to such an extent that they are now world leaders, with very few animals dying in the process.
They not only capture rhinos but just about any animal in the park.

The different types of wildlife need different methods of capture. The larger herbivores and predators are darted with tranquilizers by air or on foot. Herds of animals are chased with a helicopter into a funnel and into a waiting truck. The funnel is erected a few days before, funnels are made of Hessian and the animals are unaware that the walls are soft Hessian and cannot injure the animals, as the animals move down the funnel the ground crew close curtains behind the them while shouting and making a big noise.




Speed and efficiency is the secret to game capture in order to minimize fatalities.
Once the animals are captured they are moved to the bomas at the centenary centre. Here the animals are tested for diseases and there health is monitored before they are moved to new parks.