Gonsthi and Magangeni
These areas offer beautiful views especially at the top of upper Magangeni where you get a 360 degree view of Hluhluwe Game reserve. This area is diverse in animal life with good sightings of Rhino, Buffalo and on the hills, herds of Elephants in the winter with general game all year round. In the valleys one may get lucky and see shy bush buck and Nyala and if you really lucky you get a glimpse of a leopard. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)







The Memorial gate to Isivivaneni along the main road via Hilltop camp
This is a hilly part of the park which has picturesque views all the way. Buffalo and Rhino love to graze on the grassy hills. In the short forested area just before Hill Top Camp, you should look out for rare forest animals such as the little Red Duiker and Samango Monkey. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Isivivaneni via Maphumulo and Sitezi
This area is very forested so viewing can be difficult but this is the habitat of Nyala and Bush Buck. The viewpoints overlooking the Hluhluwe river often produce good sightings of elephants drinking and bathing and one may see some of the few hippos that are in the park. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)


Mansiya loop
This is forested with wild date palms, Tamboti and Sycamore figs on the Hluhluwe river banks. The bird life in this area is good, on the river look out for the Herons and the Turacos in the fig trees. Always be on the alert for the elusive and shy Black Rhino. On the river banks the crocodiles and Water Monitors love lying in the sun. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Seme and Maqanda loops
These loop routes have a very diverse spectrum of habitats from woodland to grassland, as a result of this, there is wide verity of herbivores because of this one can expect to see Cheetah and Lion on these loop routes. The road up to Nqabatheki has open grasslands with Marula and scented Acacia trees scattered on the hill, these hills often produces sightings of Rhino, Buffalo, Cheetah, and Lion. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)


The Corridor road to the Nyalazi Gate
Provides expansive views of hills scattered with Acacia trees and grassland. This area does not have a high density of animals. Giraffe love to feed on the Acacia trees and there the times when the Lions spend time closer to the gate and rouge bull Elephant love to spend time in the river in and around the Nyalazi gate.(Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

The road from the Nyalazi Gate to Mpila camp via Masinda
This area has diverse amount of wild life with some breathtaking views of the wilderness area and the black Ifolozi river. On hot days there is always a chance of seeing Buffalo Elephant and Lion on the river beds. Early morning routes can get lucky to see Hyena walking on the roads. Nyalazi view point has a 360 degree view of the park and Black Rhino can be seen in the valleys. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Mpila to Manthiyane Has open Acacia woodlands with pockets Tamboti throughout the area. There are frequent

 sightings of Giraffe, Rhino and general game. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Cengeni via Mphafa Hide and Msasaneni This whole area is woodland savannah with a variety of Acacia trees. This area frequently has sightings of Lion, Cheetah, Buffalo, Giraffe and Bull Elephant. Down at the white Imfolozi river, at times one can see the wild dogs. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Cengeni to Bhejane Hide via Okhuko loop Can get very dry so the grass is short most of the time which makes game viewing a lot easier. The road meanders through mature scented Acacia’s, Sweet Thorn, Umbrella Thorn and Knob Thorn as slight changes in the environment favour one species then the next. Here Lion, Elephant Black Rhino and Nyala giraffe can be seen. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Ngolotcha loop is a very forested area, so viewing is not easy. It is one of those roads where it’s either lots or

 nothing. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

Sontuli loop is the most popular loop in the park. The road leads one close to the meandering Black Imfolozi river and with dense Acacia, Tomboti and Knob Thorns. It is an ideal habitat for grazers and the grass is of good quality. The combination of good food and water will always attract large numbers of herbivores and with them come the predators. All the predators in and out of this area include the Wild Dog and the elusive Leopard. This loop is also good for Black Rhino. (Always best to use a guide on an open vehicle)

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