Thatch grass is harvested from July to the end of August. By this time it has matured and at a good length. Once the harvest is complete, the burning program of the park will commence. This project enables the communities that live around the park to benefit finically from it, remember a lot of these peoples ancestors would have stayed in these areas decades ago.

Selected groups will come into different parts of the park to harvest the grass, it is cut and wrapped into bundles. The bundled grass is then brought from the hills to the road side where it is collected and taken to be sold at market value. The thatch is used in the building industry to roof thatch houses.

Many folk worry about safety of the ladies cutting the grass, but there have been no recorded incidents between the ladies and the animals. There are always big groups and they sing and talk loudly which spooks the wildlife in close proximity, and when the one is cutting another is looking out for dangerous animals.